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Jessica Pruitt

By Chris Forbes Jessica Pruitt is a girl based down in Atlanta, GA and is into underground metal so for this edition of Ballbuster Babe here is her story: CF: How did you end up discovering the world of heavy metal? JP: Basically my parents took me to see Alice Cooper when I was 12 […]

Courtney Eller

Introducing our newest Ball-Buster Babe for 2017! Miss Courtney Eller!! Courtney a huge heavy metal fan from Tennessee is involved in doing many things in the metal world so read on and find out more: Ball-Buster: How did you get into heavy metal? CE: Well I have been in the biz for 28 years in some way […]

Candy Mefferd

CANDY MEFFERD is a big supporter of local and national music.In fact, her Vape stores have a music theme and they hang signed stuff from musicians who use their products on the wall. She’s been a metal fan since the first time seeing Dio on headbangers ball. Some of her favorite bands include Corey Taylor, […]

Hope Buell

Hope Buell is a total metalhead that’s been into metal for a number of year now. I got into metal when I was very young. My parents took me to a KISS and Styx concert when I was 4 years old & been hooked ever since. As far as some of the myr favorite bands […]

Darkyrie a.k.a. Kristina Kalinets

I was born in Latvia with Russian blood, and moved to Spain at a very young and at the age of 18 I started my career as a model. “It’s only a hobby,” I thought, but it was slowly becoming something more than just entertainment. I began to love this world and started to do […]

Jenni Stone

My name is Jenni Stone. I’m 30 years old from Gastonia, North Carolina. I’m the mother of 2 boys, ages 14 and 10, who share the same love for rock/metal music as I do. I’m also the girlfriend of an absolutely amazing tattoo artist! I’m addicted to body modification in general, especially tattoos and piercings. […]

Beverly Allgood

I’m a space enthusiast, motorcycle enthusiast and rocking republican patriot! I also believe in “Paying It Forward” like the Extreme Homemaker people where I did some interviews for my Media company. I also organized a Police Escorted Motorcycle Ride & Music in Wickham Park fundraiser for homeless Vietnam veterans of Brevard county in 2010. I […]

Anna Alexi Larsen

Hey, I’m Anna Alexi Larsen from Birmingham, Alabama. The SECOND OFFICIAL WINTER 2013 BALLBUSTER BABE. I am just so EXCITED about this whole thing! I’m in my 30’s, but I still think I’m 17. My mom is my best friend…can tell the woman anything and she doesn’t even flinch anymore…LOL:) I’m a very creative person…I […]

Diviana Devour

Diviana Devour has been into metal since the 80’s & hails from NYC. She went under the name of “GINATE LUST ” and was a lead and backup singer/musician/Dancer for local NY/NJ Glam/Punk/Goth and metal bands (Joey Ramone, Misfits,) to name a few. She was called the Rock Goddess of the dance circuit in NJ […]

Maria Gadola

Maria, a 26-year-old bombshell currently single and living in Akron Ohio, working as a full-time teller as well as modeling on the side. She is into the rock sounds of Godsmack, Crossfade, and Seven Dust. Recently Maria audition for the International Modeling & Talent Association and won the spot for a chance of a lifetime […]


Felicia currently lives out in San Fransico and works as a dancer. Felicia is more into the heavier sounds of the underground and has in the past danced for the Deathkids in Milwaukee at one of the metalfests and also on the band’s videotape from Texas. She has also appeared in the pages of the […]


Even though I am a very private person, I don’t mind telling you all a little about myself. I live in one of the most beautiful city in the world, Sydney, Australia. I have travelled to a lot of places such as Europe, USA, various Pacific Islands etc and hope to be able to keep […]


I am a “heavy metal” bellydancer from NY. I dance live with local metal bands and support the metal scene by having a links page on my site with many tribute and original bands, metal related sites and other “metal sisters”. I have been a die hard metal fan for over 20 years and a […]

Suzie Wells

Name: Susie Wells Age: 31 Measurements: 38…28…38 Height: 5ft 6 inches Turn Ons: Men With Long Hair…Sexy Minds!!Midnight on the beach!!! Turn Offs: Smoking and Animal Cruelty Passions: Heavy Metal…PVC…Lace Lingerie! Running a Metal Site In Australia!

Amanda Adams

Introduced to the family piano at age four, Amanda Adams proved her inherent talent by composing her first music at age five. Entitled “A Storm Is Coming,” the music reflected first a pastoral interlude graduating into a hammering crescendo. Her mother described the piece as having roots in the tumultuous weather patterns, including tornadoes, which […]


Based out of NJ, Dawn is no stranger to the Hard music scene. Early on as a vocalist she fronted several tri-state area Metal bands. After her departure from the groups she handled PR work for several Metal acts in the surrounding NJ/NY area. Dawn also self-promotes through modeling in various music-related periodicals, fanzines, magazines, […]

Pink Snow

Pink Snow stepped off the bus in Los Angeles, California, thirsty for a taste of the glamorous rock and roll life. Working as a waitress at the world famous Whiskey A Go Go, she quickly became close friends with some of the hottest rock stars of the late 80’s LA music scene. Traveling as a […]

Melantha Blackthorne a.k.a. Countess Bathoria

My name is Melantha Blackthorne and ever since I can remember, I have been obsessed with everything loud, so I was thrilled to stumble across your comprehensive website.Thank you! It’s about time someone has created a place to showcase great music like My Dying Bride, Cradle Of Filth and Black Sabbath. Being an aspiring model […]

Rose Knight

Hey, it’s Dirty Girl!! A friend of mine turned me own to your site and I gotta tell you, I Love It! I check it out almost every day. I’m a Eurasian singer/songwriter my music is Pop/Rock but I have a HEAVY METAL heart (always have..always will) I know your site will help metal musicians […]


Studio 54 is one of the most popular clubs in Las Vegas. It is located at the MGM Grand and each night offers outrageous entertainment such as aerial acts and Stiltwalkers to an unsuspecting audience. One of these performers is Maria Gara; she is “The SnakeBabe” Maria is a multi-talented entertainer whose shows include magic […]


The Chicago rock scene is finally rising up again to what it was in the late 80’s & early 90’s. There are a lot of great bands to see here in Chicago! Locally, my favorites are HairBangersBall, Full Blown, Rival, Bunker Hill, Bag Lady, Aether, & Core. On the national level I love Aerosmith, Bon […]

Harmony Bliss

Having fronted rock/metal bands at a young age in her Brooklyn, NY hometown, Ms. Harmony Bliss journeyed west to LA and rock as a Heavy Metal Diva. When grunge hit, LA folded, and she returned east to began modeling and dancing. She sometimes will contribute to select recording sessions but is more a fan than […]

Countess Gore

I’m an underground metal promoter and webzine writer/editor. I support the underground metal scene as much as possible. My favorite bands include Dissection, Einherjer, Oppressor, Prophecy, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Slayer, Abuse, Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh, Quo Vadis, Winter Bestowed, Thorazine, Horde of Worms. I come from Vancouver BC Canada and I try my best here […]


Scottish based in Nottingham England. E-mail Age 29 Stats 34-26-36 My hobbies are music, travel dancing and just chillin out. Love to model and love to travel more. Single Too!!!!

Tracy Walker

Very First Internet Super Model Most Featured Woman Online

Jeanne “Hollywood” Basone

I think it is great that there is more opportunity for independent bands to promote themselves and not be at the mercy of the record labels limited vision, however I do love underground clubs and what goes on there… so power to it !! Is she hot or is she not? Inquiring minds want to […]

Dawn Moore

“Due to BallBuster and other related magazines, the underground music scene is thriving. In the early to mid 80’s, underground bands weren’t given the type of exposure they needed to succeed in the music industry. Major Labels became deaf and blind to anything that wasn’t commercial at the time.” “Fortunately, in the 90’s the music […]

Shred Girl

I feel that heavy metal, and all forms of metal should be placed out in the fore front, not held underground and limited to certain venues, etc. Metal is an art form and an expression of music just like all the other types of music that are widely played via the radio and television. I […]

Metal Girl a.k.a. Connie

I just moved to Los Angeles a few of months ago from Phoenix, Arizona. I lived there for three years after relocating from the east coast. Although I love the west coast, I will always be a Jersey girl at heart. That is where I grew up and got my first taste of METAL. I […]

Devil Girl a.k.a. Amber

Well, I like being able to go to local shows and being able to hang out with the bands and them being who they really are, instead of putting on the I’m a hard-core metal superstar act. What I dislike about it is around here there is not enough places for local bands to play. […]


DISLIKES:..I think it sucks that the only way we can listen to Heavy Metal is through the underground scene…. LIKES:…Not much.

Julie Hanson

My name is Julie Hansen I live in Northeast Minneapolis. My favorite bands are Metallica (pre AJFA) and Alice In Chains and our local hero’s Bernard Edwards Project Homicide. I went to Los Angeles to vacation and went to the filming of the movie Metal God and ran into St. Paul native Bernard Edwards (pic […]