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Amanda Adams

October, 2003

Introduced to the family piano at age four, Amanda Adams proved her inherent talent by composing her first music at age five. Entitled “A Storm Is Coming,” the music reflected first a pastoral interlude graduating into a hammering crescendo. Her mother described the piece as having roots in the tumultuous weather patterns, including tornadoes, which ravage areas of Ohio where Amanda grew up on a farm. Through her adolescent years, while studying piano, she experienced entire towns devastated by nature’s fury. Always, she was able to translate the emotions felt at the scene by incorporating her muse into musical scores. This aptitude prevails today with the vast diverse repertoire she has composed.

Her genealogical roots stem from Prague, Leipzig, and Vienna, all well known seats of musical genius. Perhaps this is one reason why she gravitated to classical music at an early age. She particularly favored composers such as: Dvorjzak, Bela Bartok, and Mozart. When the opportunity arose to study Russian in college, Amanda knew immediately she had found a focus for her passions.

She attended school in St. Petersburg, Russia where she identified with the culture and remained fascinated by their perfection, depth and imagination. Many of her original pieces carry over this minor key so prevalent in the Balkans. The plaintiff wails of a wolf on the moors, a gypsy caravan slowly plodding dusty trails, a Siberian princess weaving fairytales. Like a dancer, her graceful presence brings life to the compositions.

A long list of piano competitions and contests all contributed towards the costs of financing her college education. Many years of dedicated employment by day followed by classes at night ultimately culminated in her Master’s Degree from Harvard University – Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Now Amanda spends her free moments on Cape Cod where she is graced with inspiration by the sweeping vistas of shoreline and sea, sunrise, and sunset radiated in contrast to the indigo currents. The tides ebb and flow and the steady rhythm finds a voice in yet another melody.