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Beverly Allgood

May, 2013

I’m a space enthusiast, motorcycle enthusiast and rocking republican patriot! I also believe in “Paying It Forward” like the Extreme Homemaker people where I did some interviews for my Media company. I also organized a Police Escorted Motorcycle Ride & Music in Wickham Park fundraiser for homeless Vietnam veterans of Brevard county in 2010.
I lost my sister Mandy and her husband Jim in the early 90’s, this is what gave birth to the desire for me to achieve what to me was an Impossible Dream, to become a singer with a mission to lead others to go after their impossible dreams, higher life calling through the power of giving and revealing a “Christ centered” higher love.

Excerpt from my book: The Rocket Scientist Daughter:
Let us begin at the beginning! When I was a young girl of age seven, I had an experience of joy called Jesus loves me. Then again at 14 when I sand with a guitarist. My family did not go to church or have a strong relationship with God or music so my joy dissipated rather quickly. My father was an agnostic scientist. If we measure our internal thoughts like people and our human makeup like a company, the CEO would be my father, the VP my mother and the CFO, (emotional dollars aka happy thoughts) well that would be me who would make massive cuts during my journey to EXTREME joy. Later Obama in me would take over as tour director and raise my internal income taxes on the mate trading floor, NYSE. The male stock being my ex Jewish Dr husband! It was like a choice between the gas chamber or the guillotine. Both my inner father and inner Obama could not get my economy up and running right. Damaging reports would come in via Jesus Christ and his rocking rolling world of EXTREME joy! He would disguise himself as Austin Powers and say Joy, it’s time to say goodbye to your fetishes and all your EXTREMELY PAINFUL issues of feeling like a failure. As this thing called I AM GOOD ENOUGH, unfolds there turns out that on September 11th 2001, there was an inner drone taking photos, I could see this coming from miles away, it begins and ends with the chain of command! Jesus in me: JOY, there appears to be a failure in your EXTREME JOY inner circuits of communication…hold on JOY, I’m going to show you how to experience EXTREME JOY beginning with what you need…LED ZEPPELIN: way down inside, honey you need it, (higher love)…and then, He sends me on a motorcycle ride…then a race (carpenters) ride to Hell and back…Jesus says Joy…Its been a long time since you rock n rolled…

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