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Countess Gore

September, 2001

I’m an underground metal promoter and webzine writer/editor. I support the underground metal scene as much as possible. My favorite bands include Dissection, Einherjer, Oppressor, Prophecy, Kataklysm, Cryptopsy, Slayer, Abuse, Dying Fetus, Deeds of Flesh, Quo Vadis, Winter Bestowed, Thorazine, Horde of Worms. I come from Vancouver BC Canada and I try my best here to support the scene. I love doing photography for the bands here and whatever bands come here. I feel the underground metal scene has oo many cliques in it these days and we need to get rid of those. I do not wish to start any catty arguments with fellow underground metalheads but these days the metal scene seems to be such a competition, it seriously is a shame but I am trying my best to get rid of these but I can not do it myself, all of us must be together to rise the underground metal scene stronger than ever. METAL WILL NEVER DIE!!!