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Courtney Eller

April, 2017

Introducing our newest Ball-Buster Babe for 2017! Miss Courtney Eller!!

Courtney a huge heavy metal fan from Tennessee is involved in doing many things in the metal world so read on and find out more:

Ball-Buster: How did you get into heavy metal?

CE: Well I have been in the biz for 28 years in some way or form. In my youth I was lead singer for a few metal bands, then promoted several talented souls for a long time, then fell into hosting shows and radio. So like everything else I do I sort of fell headfirst with boots on.

BB: So are you more into the goth side of metal or basically all styles

CE: Oh I love all sides of metal, even the ones I’m not so crazy for I can still have respect for the artists and effort. I’m old school tho. I could listen to Slayer all day long but throw in Pantera and I’m a happy girl. Don’t get me wrong I do love Goth, newwave,80’s ,and so many others but right now I’m listening to Motörhead so yeah, I’m all around metal girl.

BB: Great that is very cool. Now I see do you a lot of promoting of yourself which I think is great. How did you start to get into that side of things?

CE: Well if i get myself out there I can get more bands out there. I am all about the local scene and showing my support, so if I promote like hell then that means my bands are getting heard.Photography started the promotion of me taking photos at events and my digital artwork for bands and album covers. I joke a lot with bands that I am a promo whore. Still tho I get them out there in the public eye.

BB: Any websites you want mention?


Radio station:[100005466939945%2C%22intro_card%22%2C%7B%7D]

BB: Last words ?

CE: Can I trade this job for what’s behind door number 1? lol yeah but my humor is coming into play, everyone hopes to leave a legacy. To be remembered after our passing is the closest thing humans have to immortality, at least until cryogenics figures out how to reanimate Walt Disney’s head….

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