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Darkyrie a.k.a. Kristina Kalinets

January, 2014

I was born in Latvia with Russian blood, and moved to Spain at a very young and at the age of 18 I started my career as a model. “It’s only a hobby,” I thought, but it was slowly becoming something more than just entertainment. I began to love this world and started to do more different styles sessions with different photographers. Since then, I began to move with my first photographic book on a website and from that moment I started to receiving offers for more shoots.

I’m a creative and professional alternative model who likes to work at 100% to get the best result in my sessions. I’m also a very expressive and a fun model with who you can work comfortably and relaxed.

In recent years I have appeared as an official model on the Spanish website Zas! Baidefeis; have been interviewed by Mutilator Zine from Mexico and have been chosen as the Model of the Day on the official website of the zine; I’m also on the cover of Wolfhound Compilation Vol.II where 40 different bands appear from countries all over the world; I’m the official model of Wolfhound Metal Radio & Magazine that promotes worldwide and was the poster model of Coín Rock Festival held in a town in Málaga (Spain), also have been in the special St. Valentine’s edition of Gorgeous Freaks Zine form Costa Rica and featured in the Metal Queens Models 2 from the USA, also other zines have offered me to be on the cover page for these upcoming months.

I have also worked for band merchandise, promoting Adorned Brood (Germany), Graveworm (Italy), Fferyllt (Russia), Vermingod (Greece), 3Fold Pain (Greece), Red Sky (Italy) and many more …

I have also participated in two music videos from Spanish bands and will soon participate in other videos for other Metal bands.
It is noteworthy that I am also a singer in a Folk Metal band “FRI sjel” from Spain which soon will record their first studio album with the Swede, Henrik Larsson (The Haunted, Amon Amarth, Vomitory, In Flames, Tenebre … ).

Currently, I will confirm soon my appearance as a model for several record labels in different countries worldwide, and will also appear in several music magazines and other new projects (one being and Italian record label Black Tears). And now proud to announce that I have been chosen to be the official fall/winter 2013/14 BallBusterBabe

Favorite Metal Bands: Arkona, Adorned Brood, Fferyllt, Kalevala, Epica, Týr, My Dying Bride, Cannibal Corpse, Arch Enemy, Graveworm, Napalm Death, Noctem, Vermingod, Spectral, FängörN, Kadavrik…

Favorite Tattoo Artist: I have to say that my favorite tattoo artist is Mr. Reddog, here in Spain, but originally from UK. I have two tattoos done by him, and he is a complete genius.

Favorite Actor/Actress: Favorite actor must be Robert Downey Jr.

Favorite Song/CD Album: My favorite song is “Sirens’ Island” (FängörN- Russia) and their album “Where The Tales Live On”

Favorite Movie: I can’t really say my favorite movie, since I have too many to choose from, but I like mostly, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, zombie movies, and medieval genres.

Favorite Model: Dita Von Teese

Likes and dislikes of the Metal community: Here in Spain the Metal scene is very popular and the people support not only the big bands, but also the local and new bands. What I dislike mostly, is that there are bands that have still a long way to go before being able to be one of the best, and they have their egos too high up, not accepting the truth. Everyone has there trajectory which they need to take before becoming the best, so some bands need to get back on Earth. Other than that, I like to support my local bands, and attend shows, and even organize concerts and festivals with my partner.

You can find Darkyrie on Facebook and Twitter

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