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Jessica Pruitt

September, 2017

By Chris Forbes

Jessica Pruitt is a girl based down in Atlanta, GA and is into underground metal so for this edition of Ballbuster Babe here is her story:

CF: How did you end up discovering the world of heavy metal?

JP: Basically my parents took me to see Alice Cooper when I was 12 years old. It was over after that. The next show I attended was Gwar and Cannibal Corpse a few months later. Marilyn Manson was a huge influence for me as well.

CF: So what did you think of Gwar and Cannibal Corpse?

JP: I loved it. It was like a whole world existed that I never knew about. Cannibal Corpse is still one of my all time favorites although I’m not sure at 12 what my thoughts were of Gwar, I see them more as the ” Harlem Globetrotters” of the metal world. I probably just thought they were cool at that age.

CF: So the lyrics of Cannibal Corpse never bothered you?

JP: Haha no way! You can’t really do metal and sing about sweet and cuddly things. It’s the same for my beliefs, I believe in God but I love black metal, I just love the music.

CF: So what are some of your favorite bands?

JP: Obviously Cannibal Corpse, Carnifex, Behemoth, Slayer, Pantera, Kreator, Dimmu Borgir, Amon Amarth, The Faceless, Thy Art Is Murder, Whitechapel, Lamb of God, shit I could go on for days!

CF: Have you ever gone in the pit and if so what was it like?

JP: Of course, I used to live for it back in my younger days, I’m too old for it now, the body hurts too much the next day, haha plus it distracts you from the actual show that’s happening. I’m more of a stand back with a beer n hand and the “take it all in”,┬átype of person now. But, if the feeling struck me if have no problems getting lost in the crowd.

CF: What would your dream concert be?

JP: I could name so many but honestly, I will not die happy until I make it to Wacken Open Air. But right now it’s looking like I’m going to be an old lady by the time that happens!

CF: Lol on that. Is there any local bands where you are based out of you recommended people check out?

JP: I’m from Atlanta, there is a pretty great metal scene here so tons of local bands that are great! Harvester band and dead reckoning for sure

Dead Reckoning

Dead Reckoning, an artist on Spotify


JP: What is the craziest thing you saw at a show?

JP: You made me dig deep for that one, nothing too crazy besides the usual brawls that tend to break out every now and then. But I do remember when I was around 17 or so, I know it was System of a Down but can’t remember any of the other bands, my friends and I were at the show in the balcony, I remember looking down and seeing a fight with 2 guys , went back to watching the band play and out of nowhere the 2 guys were hurling themselves over the balcony, and took off running ! Still, have no clue how the hell they ever got up there, to begin with. Will forever remain a mystery. Also at a Fear Factory/Chimaira show they did kind of a freak show before the bands went on, pretty cool, regurgitating things, the nail hammered into the nose, sword swallowing acts. I appreciated it!

CF: Thanks for doing this interview any last words

JP: Well, I think I speak for all women and say, please don’t see us at a metal show and assume our boyfriends must have dragged us here and that were wearing their shirts. I hate that. I always go by myself! And younger kids stop with all that damn sub genre crap. We’re too old to have to google “space core” Lol! Death, thrash, glam, black, melodic, let’s bring it back to the basics thank you for the time!

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