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Julie Hanson

January, 2001

My name is Julie Hansen I live in Northeast Minneapolis. My favorite bands are Metallica (pre AJFA) and Alice In Chains and our local hero’s Bernard Edwards Project Homicide.

I went to Los Angeles to vacation and went to the filming of the movie Metal God and ran into St. Paul native Bernard Edwards (pic enclosed).* I also attended my first KISS concert in LA Halloween night… I’ve been into Bernard and his music since the Sister Morphine dayz… I own my own rental property in North East Minneapolis, and I’m a health-care proffesional/bar tender on the side.

I love long haired guys and guys who play hard rock and metal. I’m 27 and I love my cat. Love to travel and I hate work (but don’t we all!). I am interested in modeling and fashion and art. I also LOVE antique and resale stores… Love to shop and having fun. I collect angel artwork as well. As far as the local hard rock and metal scene here in the Twin Cities goes I just like going out I really don’t have too many ‘favorites’ as you’d call it. Except (Edwards)… 🙂

I think I’m hot enough for your Ballbuster Babe don’t you?


Julie Hansen

Ballbuster is where I go for the real info on any metal band out there!

By the way I made the pages of Metal Edge magazine too! Metal God hot chick contest…